Private House in Glenfinnan

The American owners bought this house in the Autumn of 2015 before returning to the States, leaving JBD – sight unseen -  with wonderfully vague instructions to make it into a welcoming home for extended family gatherings. 

The existing arrangement was very unsatisfactory, and needed some major re-jigging to allow the house to function properly, let alone feel good.

The kitchen was completely separate from the rest of the house in what used to be a lower ground floor garage…and still felt like one…down some concrete steps from the rear utility room. 

Only one thing for it – to knock down as much of the dividing wall as possible, moving the kitchen up to what had been a not-very-snug Snug, whilst creating a dining and much-snuggier Snug area on the lower level.  There was just sufficient headroom to build in steps, linking one to the other.

There weren’t enough bathrooms, so we added an en-suite extension at the back. The bedrooms could only be described as having been cell-like, with tiny velux windows and no views to the garden, so we pushed the roof out to create dormer windows, giving significantly more space and light.

Leven Homes were engaged to do the work, and they did a fantastic job, finishing on time and all to a very high standard.  I then had two days (and nights!) to unpack and assemble all the new furniture and lighting and make the beds ready for our travel-weary clients to return from the States…for their first viewing since they bought the house six months earlier.

They LOVE it – phew!